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  • New Fusion System Creates a Smart Prostate Biopsy

    Scionti Prostate Center provides FUSION of real-time 3D ultrasound and advanced 3D MRI prostate images using the latest Artemis System for true targeted biopsy requiring FEWER BIOPSY NEEDLES.

  • Scionti Advanced HIFU Protocol

    The Scionti Advanced HIFU Protocol is based on his vast skills and experience in treating over 600 HIFU patients along with the unique techniques he developed to reduce HIFU therapy side effects.

  • Prostate Focal Therapy

    The goal of prostate focal therapy is long-term cancer control with minimal treatment side effects. For the right patients focal therapy can be an effective middle ground. I offer select patients three focal therapy options: Cryotherapy, HIFU and MRI-Guided Prostate Laser Ablation.

  • MRI Prostate 3D scanning

    The Scionti Prostate Center offers patients 3D MRI scanning capable of detecting tiny tumors that can be precisely sampled to help improve prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

  • 3D Prostate Mapping

    The Scionti Prostate Center can provide patients a 3D PROSTATE-MAP showing visual details of the size, location and shape of any prostate tumors, all critical information for targeting a biopsy and/or planning a prostate treatment.

  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Ablation Experience: 600+ HIFU cases & 1,000+ Cryo cases
  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Pioneer Results: A pioneer in new techniques and technology for HIFU and Cryo
  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Training and Proctoring: National teacher/proctor for HIFU and Cryo
  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Patient Access: Praised by patients for his compassion and dedication
  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Your Pathway to Personalized Prostate Cancer Care (Staging, Treatment, Follow up)


  • Prostate cryotherapy is an effective, minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment for men with all forms of localized prostate cancer. To perform the treatment I use ultrasound imaging and very sophisticated computer planning to place small needles directly inside the prostate. Argon gas is then circulated inside the needles creating ice that freezes the targeted prostate tissue and kills the cancer. For safety I use a warming catheter to protect the urethra along with temperature monitoring and ultrasound visualization.  The procedure is FDA-cleared, covered by Medicare and most private insurance companies. I perform prostate cryotherapy several times a week at the Scionti Prostate Center of Boston at the prestigious Mass Bay Urology, 100 Highland Street, Milton, MA 02186.

    Prostate cryotherapy offers a lot of advantages over other prostate cancer treatments.

    The procedure only lasts a few hours, and most of my patients are typically treated as outpatients meaning no there is no long hospital stay. Recovery time is fast. Most patients are typically back on there feet in a few days. The treatment has a low incidence of side effects. In fact, incontinence affects have been less than 5% for my patients – far less than other procedures. And because the procedure is minimally invasive it does not have risk of side effects and complications associated with major prostate surgery. Likewise, Prostate cryotherapy does not have any of the dangers of radiation therapy or of radioactive seeds left in the body. Because we use ICE the treatment is natural.

    Focal – Customized Cryotherapy

    Perhaps the biggest advantage to cryotherapy is that we can I tailor the procedure for each of my patients. For many of my patients I can focus or target the treatment just in the area where the cancer is identified. This allows me to spear the reaming healthy prostate tissue and further reduce side effects, procedure time and recovery. For many patients I can spare the nerves that control sexual function. Focal Cryo is the single best procedure for preserving sexual function.

    Getting Treated

    I encourage you to contact me directly to learn more about Cryo and to determine if you are a candidate . I have performed hundreds of Cryo procedures including; focal, high-risk primary, and radiation failure procedures.  I have developed a simple Patient Information Sheet you can use as guide. Send me your information and we can have a telephone consult. You can always just call or email me anytime.

    Advantages of Cryotherapy

    • Less invasive than surgery, involving only a small incision or insertion of the cryo needle through the skin
    • Pain, bleeding, and other complications of surgery are minimized
    • No radiation seed or radiation beams
    • Natural treatment using ice
    • Less expensive than other treatments
    • Shorter recovery time and a shorter hospital stay, or no hospital stay at all
    • The procedure can be done using only local anesthesia
    • Cryotherapy can be performed focally, meaning only the cancer is killed, thus sparing the healthy prostate tissue
    • Focal treatment can be used to improve the chances of maintaining good erectile function
    • If needed the procedure can be repeated multiple times

    Appropriate Candidates

    • All men with localized prostate cancer (not spread) with any high Gleason score
    • Men with primary prostate cancer (first treatment)
    • Men with prostate cancer that has returned after radiation
    • Focal or partial gland treatment

    Side Effects

    • Cryosurgery may cause incontinence (lack of control over urine flow); often, these side effects are temporary
    • Many men become impotent (loss of sexual function) this is less often with focal cryo
    • In some cases, the surgery has caused injury to the rectum although the reported incidence is less than 1%


Latest News and Press Releases

  • Report on Biochemical Recurrence Rates After Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

    Robotic assisted radical prostatectomy (RALP) is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional radical prostatectomy (RP). Over 80% of U.S. prostatectomies as a treatment for prostate cancer are now done by robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery.


  • The Prostate Cancer Navigator:

    Charting The Decision-Making Course

    It's often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I wanted to create a navigational tool that would act like celestial navigation, giving a sort of global snapshot from above so an individual could begin to identify exactly where his prostate cancer put him on the disease spectrum, and which treatments might offer him the best chance of cure with the least side effects.

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  • Image Registration Opens New Options

    Stephen Scionti, MD

    Image Registration, also called co-registration or fusion, can be achieved using complex computer algorithms to achieve an amazing result.

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