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  • New Fusion System Creates a Smart Prostate Biopsy

    Scionti Prostate Center provides FUSION of real-time 3D ultrasound and advanced 3D MRI prostate images using the latest Artemis System for true targeted biopsy requiring FEWER BIOPSY NEEDLES.

  • Scionti Advanced HIFU Protocol

    The Scionti Advanced HIFU Protocol is based on his vast skills and experience in treating over 600 HIFU patients along with the unique techniques he developed to reduce HIFU therapy side effects.

  • Prostate Focal Therapy

    The goal of prostate focal therapy is long-term cancer control with minimal treatment side effects. For the right patients focal therapy can be an effective middle ground. I offer select patients three focal therapy options: Cryotherapy, HIFU and MRI-Guided Prostate Laser Ablation.

  • MRI Prostate 3D scanning

    The Scionti Prostate Center offers patients 3D MRI scanning capable of detecting tiny tumors that can be precisely sampled to help improve prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

  • 3D Prostate Mapping

    The Scionti Prostate Center can provide patients a 3D PROSTATE-MAP showing visual details of the size, location and shape of any prostate tumors, all critical information for targeting a biopsy and/or planning a prostate treatment.

  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Ablation Experience: 600+ HIFU cases & 1,000+ Cryo cases
  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Pioneer Results: A pioneer in new techniques and technology for HIFU and Cryo
  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Training and Proctoring: National teacher/proctor for HIFU and Cryo
  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Patient Access: Praised by patients for his compassion and dedication
  • Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota FL

    Your Pathway to Personalized Prostate Cancer Care (Staging, Treatment, Follow up)


  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or HIFU, is a therapy that destroys tissue with rapid heat elevation-which essentially "cooks" the tissue. Ultrasound energy, or sound waves, is focused at a specific location and at that "focal point," the temperature raises to almost 90 degrees Celsius in a matter of seconds. Any tissue at the "focal point" is destroyed; however, any tissue outside of the focal point remains unharmed.

    HIFU has produced oncological results, in studies performed outside the United States, that are broadly comparable to standard therapies and HIFU is a minimally invasive prostate cancer therapy that does not use ionizing radiation1, which can be potentially harmful.

    Advantages of HIFU

    • No blood loss
    • Quick recovery
    • Non surgical
    • Radiation free
    • An outpatient procedure

    Disadvantages of HIFU

    • No long term (20-30 years) outcome data
    • Potential risk of impotence
    • Potential risk of incontinence

    Precise and Controlled

    To perform the procedure I use the Sonablate® device. The Sonablate obtains real-time ultrasound images of your prostate and surrounding areas. From these images, I can plan where the ultrasound energy will be delivered. The Sonablate® software allows me to precisely define the treatment zones or specific areas that I want to treat which can range from a small focal area within the prostate to the entire prostate gland.

    Unlike radiation, HIFU is non-ionizing so it can be repeated, if necessary, without damaging healthy tissue.

    Unlike radiation, HIFU is non-ionizing so it can be repeated, if necessary, without damaging healthy tissue. This means that HIFU may also be used as a salvage technique if other prostate cancer treatments fail.

    The Sonablate® is the only HIFU device for prostate cancer that does not require a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), an invasive, surgical procedure, prior to treatment in order to achieve effective results.

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